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"My total weight loss is now 25 lbs. Workout-X® workouts have changed my life. I feel Great!"

-Mike Sobey, Edmonton Canada

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"Workout-X® is the excellent choice for online workouts. It's good for any level of fitness."

-Paige Waehner,

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"This website has helped me lose 35 lbs. I never realized I could look this good!"

-Snap Fitness Member, Samantha

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Workout News

Workout News

Whatever Your Fitness Goal Is,
Workout-X® Has A Plan For You.

'X' By Design

We built Workout-X to handle any unknown you throw at us. Working out for weight-loss, health, fitness, or physical appearance? Working out at the gym, home, or office? No fitness equipment, a full gym or only a set of dumbbells? Want to work out one day or seven? How about an exercise training program for tennis, mixed martial arts, soccer, or even bull riding? Yes, Workout-X offers fitness plans for all of the above scenarios.

Fit Is Not An Accident

Building a fit body is not easy, but it's a simple equation. You've got to work out, eat right, and support your healthy nutrition with proven supplements. Do these consistently, and you'll become fit.

Crystal-Clear Guidance

Workout-X shows you exactly how to work out and get in shape. We take the guesswork out of fitness through tailored workouts and exercises, nutritionally optimized meal plans, easy goal setting and tracking, and an online fitness community for peer-support.

Why Workout-XIs Right For You

Workout-X is for everyone who is tired of doing the same thing in the gym with little or nothing to show for it. If you've ever tried to lose weight or build lean muscle and didn't succeed, we understand your frustration. Until Workout-X, trying to navigate all the fitness fads and latest exercise trends has been difficult. The best option -hiring a certified personal trainer- may be out of your financial reach. That's where we come in. We are personal trainers that built Workout-X with a mission to help you reach your fitness goals quickly and for less money than traditional personal training.

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Fitness Blog – Tips on how to work out

Fitness Blog – Tips on how to work out

Latest Members - Workout-X® Community

Jessica Reynolds

My name is Jessica Reynolds..31 yrs old and have had (2) 9 lb kids. I am really interested in fitness workouts and doing what is right for my body...I love to workout and be tone but I am always unsure of what things to eat and what to avoid, I know that in the past I have not been doing the right workouts and targeting the area's that need improvement. I am very confident in my personal trainer and know that he will set me a program and meal plan that will work right for me!

My Interests : Finding a workout plan that works well for me and being happy with it!
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Danessa Saxon

I'm a wife and mother to three wonderful boys! I had the lapband surgery on March 9, 2007! I've currently lost 50lbs and looking to lose another 30 or 40 pounds and tone up! I love working out and can't wait to get started with Snap Fitness!

My Interests : Workouts, cooking healthy, hanging out with friends!
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Rich Tessier

I hate working out... but I hate being embarrassed to take off my shirt even more. Therefore, I work out.

My Interests : Workouts; Sports; video games; riding my motorcycle; playing poker
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Lucas Scherer

I am a personal trainer and a model. I love building custom workout routines for clients.

My Interests : Workout Weight lifting Modeling Sports Singing/Writing/Listening to Music
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Sean Harshaw

39 year old professional fire fighter, father, and husband. I love fitness, workouts, and have maintained an active and fit lifestyle my entire life. A former NCAA Wrestler, I have a true spirit of athletics and fitness. My free time is spent with family activities, hanging out with friends, and watching sports, specifically IRL and F1 racing, basketball, and football. I am also a professional drummer with a fully recorded CD. As you can see, I love life:)

My Interests : Auto racing, workouts, music, and anything outdoors.
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Mike Domitrz

I Love spending time with my children, wife, & family - and am blessed to love what I do for a living - I enjoy workouts and cooking.

My Interests : Coaching, working out, reading, writing, being active, and spending lots of time with my children, wife, and friends.
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