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How To Build Massive Arm Muscles

November 22, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

Develop Massive Arms

A set of massive arm muscles is a goal of most anyone who’s serious about weight lifting. Massive arm muscles are a noticeable trademark of anyone who’s dedicated to an effective training program.

While building these massive arm muscles is a goal of the majority of lifters, most have several misconceptions about the proper training required to see maximum results.

In order to properly train for building massive arm muscles, you must understand that the triceps and biceps are actually very small muscle groups.  In order to really stimulate the biceps and see gains, you must focus on basic pulling movements for the back. Triceps will get larger through basic pressing movements for the shoulders and chest. This challenges thinking beyond the basic bicep curl and triceps kickback.

Understanding these very basic principles about the triceps and biceps means that building massive arm muscles requires very little direct stimulation of these muscles themselves. You will actually develop bigger arm muscles by focusing on training that builds your chest and back muscles.  This is contrary to the common myths weight lifters hold about what’s required for building massive arm muscles.

Don’t completely write off exercises that specifically target your arms, as you will need to do these as well in order to truly build massive arm muscles. It’s just important to remember that focusing all of your efforts on arm exercises will result in triceps and biceps that are overworked.

Exercises that are effective for massive arm building include standing dumbbell curls, barbell curls, close-grip bench presses, and standing cable pushdowns. Doing these until muscular fatigue using a weight that allows you to keep your form will have you seeing results progressively. Be sure you are upping your weight every few weeks so you can challenge your muscles to work harder and grow.

Don’t forget, the most effective part of a massive arm muscle-building workout is the part where you aren’t working out at all. Muscle is actually built once the workout ends. This means you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) work out your arms daily in an effort to make them bigger. Instead only work them a few times a week (three days is the max) and spent your “down time” getting plenty of rest and refueling your body with protein and a lot of hydration. You’ll have massive arm muscles before you know it.

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