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How To Build Massive Neck Muscles

November 22, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

Get a Massive Neck

The neck is probably one of the most neglected muscles a body builder works on. Body builders tend to focus on the arms and abs, reasoning that they want these things to be the first things noticed. However, the one muscle that always is exposed, regardless of the environment and the clothing worn, is the neck muscle. Aside from a superficial aspect, the neck muscle is also important to develop as it’s so commonly injured in almost any sport.

As indicated above, the neck is highly involved in nearly any physical sport you might participate in. Strengthening your neck muscles will ensure you lower your risk of injury while it also protects your spinal cord and spine.

Because of its proximity, the neck requires a different type of training than other body parts. Neck training to build massive muscles must be done safely. In order to do this, you should train your neck on a day separate from all other training. When doing neck training, you must be sure you use flawless form and a full range of motion. Always do warm-ups and stretch before and after the workout to warm up your muscles.

The best way to train the neck and build massive neck muscles is to use self-resistance, which puts in you in control of the amount of stress your put on your muscles.  A great exercise utilizing self-resistance that targets the sides of the neck is the neck extension. This movement is deceptively simple but very effective. You need to sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground, and put your hands on your forehead, applying constant tension. Then slowly move your head from looking forward until you chin touches your chest.

The neck flexion is another simple exercise that can help you build those massive neck muscles. This is similar to the extension exercise, except for that you slowly move your head until you’re looking up. You place your hands on the back of your head for resistance.

A third effective neck exercise targets each side of the neck at one time. You do this exercise also while sitting, moving your head as close to the shoulder as possible without moving your upper torso. Be sure you go slow and keep your head straight ahead the whole time. You put resistance on the movement by keeping your hand slightly above the ear.

These exercises are slightly unconventional as they don’t involve the weights body builders and fitness enthusiasts are accustomed to, but you will see results in a safe and consistent manner.

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