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How Testosterone Builds Muscle Mass

November 23, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

Testosterone & Muscle Growth

Testosterone is the anabolic hormone that supports muscle growth, and the levels found in the human body vary from person to person. Testosterone levels are much like metabolic rates in that some people are just born with higher levels. In order to gain more muscle mass, you need to protect these testosterone levels from falling. When this happens, you shift from sustaining that anabolic environment that allows you to more easily add muscle mass.

You can understand why maintaining these levels is one of the best ways to help build and maintain muscle mass. That’s why the strategies for enhancing testosterone are similar to those for building muscle.

Maintaining testosterone levels means you need to eat a diet rich in the protein that comes from meat sources. Vegetarian diets have been shown to cause drops in testosterone levels, as meats contain many minerals that support testosterone. For all the bad press that red meat has gotten, eating lean red meat a few times a week is not only good for you, but it also contains high levels of zinc, a mineral that supports testosterone.

While simple carbs are often frowned upon in the fitness world, there are a few exceptions where these are welcome, and needed, by our bodies. A post workout meal should include simple carbs, which will help spike your insulin and put your metabolism into a muscle-building state. Additionally, these kinds of carbs suppress cortisol, which tears down muscle tissue and decreases testosterone.

You can protect your testosterone levels before your workout by consuming whey protein and glutamine. Studies have shown that digesting these pre-workout helped sustain testosterone levels throughout activity. These should be consumed roughly 45-minutes before training, as they’re slower burning carbs.

Boosting your Vitamin C intake isn’t only good for our immune system; it’s also a great fighter of cortisol levels. As indicated, high cortisol levels mean lower testosterone levels. Having orange juice with breakfast not only stimulates your metabolism for the day, but also starts you off right with tools meant to protect your muscle building testosterone.

Overtraining is another testosterone killer. Too much working out without enough rest will also boost your cortisol levels and lower your testosterone. You’ll stop seeing gains and start gaining weight instead of muscles.

Testosterone is key to muscle building and protecting the levels you have is vital to building new muscle. Keep these tips in mind to put yourself on the right road to muscle building success.

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