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High-Protein Diets and Muscle Gain

November 24, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

High-Protein Diets for Muscle Gain

When it comes to strength training, a high-protein diet is necessary to ensure optimal results. Muscles need food when they are being worked so hard and protein will help them repair and rebuild after being broken down during intense workouts.

High Protein Diets & Lean Muscle

The high-protein diet has become very popular of late for burning fat and building lean muscle. The idea is quite simple, no matter your goals, you can benefit from eating high protein foods. There are many reasons why a high-protein diet is so effective for people with varying needs.

You will have to structure your high-protein diet to fit your specific goals. When you build muscle, your body needs lots of protein. It serves as the building block of muscle which is why eating high protein foods is very important when you are talking about increasing muscle mass. If the right amount of protein isn’t eaten each day, you will not see an increase in your muscle mass.

There are a wide variety of high protein foods you can incorporate into your high-protein diet. You may be surprised to find they are foods you eat most of the time anyway. What you may not know is how much you will need to consume.

First break your daily diet into six to eight smaller meals. This is helpful even if you aren’t trying to increase muscle mass, but is especially so when you are weight training. This is because your body needs frequent meals in order to process the food and utilize the energy it helps to create. Your muscles will respond more favorably if they are being constantly fed. This will also benefit you greatly during the repair and rebuild phase of your weight training when your muscles really need the protein the most.

High protein foods include: chicken, turkey, other lean meats and beef, fish (all types), eggs and egg whites, beans, nuts and milk. Protein supplements are also available in the form of powders, bars and shakes. You should structure your diet so you get plenty of these foods each day. The supplements can be added between meals as a bonus for muscle growth.

The link between high-protein diets and muscle gain is direct. By following a high-protein diet and a strength training program faithfully, you will begin to see an increase in muscle mass. This type of diet will also provide other health benefits, so you really can’t go wrong by making it a new eating habit you will follow for the rest of your life.

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