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Lean Muscle Workout Routines

November 24, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

Lean Workout

When building lean muscle, you will need different routines in order to be effective. This doesn’t mean designing several different ones, but rather varying one main program you use. Each routine will serve as a phase of your strength training efforts and can be alternating every so often for optimal results.

Lean Muscle Exercises

Understand your exercises. If you don’t know the goal of the exercise you are performing, you won’t know how to make it work for you. This also means making sure you are doing each one correctly. Often times people aren’t successful because they simply don’t know how to train. Most gyms have fitness trainers on hand who will be able to answer any questions you may have about various exercises and show you how to execute them correctly. Moreover, doing them incorrectly can actually result in injury which you certainly don’t want.

Lean Muscle Workout

Use a workout routine designed to help you gain weight. There is a major difference in gaining weight in the form of fat and weight in the form of muscle. You want to lose fat while gaining muscle, but muscle actually weighs more than fat. Often times when people lose weight, they wind up gaining muscle instead. Because muscle is lean and shapely, it gives one the appearance of losing weight when in fact the person may weigh exactly the same if not more. This is healthy weight. The routine you use, along with all the other variations, should help you gain weight in the form of muscle. Remember you want to gain lean muscle and following a workout routine that will help you do that is the answer to putting on the right kind of pounds.

Use compound exercises. These will work more than one muscle at a time and are very useful when you are trying to gain lean muscle mass. These are a great substitution for isolation exercises which only work one body part at a time. Squats are a good example of a compound exercise as are deadlifts.

Train on a regular basis. You must set a schedule and follow it in order to be successful in building lean muscle. Not doing this will net you absolutely nothing except frustration. You can avoid this by sticking to a schedule that works for you. Vary your routine as you go along but try not to vary your schedule if at all possible. This will make it easier to motivate yourself and stick to the original plan. Don't forget to follow a lean muscle diet plan to support your strength training.

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