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Split Workout Routines Build Lean Muscle

January 4, 2011 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

Lean Muscle Training

A five-day split workout routine is so effective for building lean muscle because it automatically keeps your workouts varied enough to leave your body “guessing” while also ensuring that you stick with it long enough to see results.

A split routine ensures you make better progress by having a day of rest after each weight lifting session. This gives you the freedom of approaching your split routine a few different ways. You can either workout five days per week, or you can work out every other day but divide your training program into five separate sessions. Either approach will work as long as you incorporate into it correctly the fundamentals of weight training.

If you choose to workout five days per week, be sure you’re training each body part once per week.  After doing this schedule for a month, be sure you switch over to a fully body workout which requires training three times a week.  Then you’ll be training each body part three times per week and getting a needed rest day after each session. Weight training isn’t always suggested on consecutive days but you if only do so for a short period of time, you can really boost your workout.

A great example of a five day split routine weight training program starts with a workout that incorporates decline bench presses, dips, dumbbell flys, tricep pushdowns, dumbbell overhead extensions and tricep kickbacks. The main focus of day one is the arms. The second workout happens consecutively and involves squats, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises, and seated calf raises.

A day of rest follows these first two workouts, and then the third workout includes closed-grip pulldowns, dumbbell rows, dumbbell pullovers, incline dumbbell curls. dumbbell concentration curls, and wall curls. This becomes the third day of your split. The fourth workout is also consecutive and involves crunches, reverse crunches, the oblique machine, and hanging leg raises.

The final workout of the week includes upright rows, incline laterals, and dumbbell laterals. Following this workout is another day of rest before the split routine begins again.

Following a program like this ensures you are working each muscle group once per week. The theory behind split routine workouts that help build lean muscle is that you never have to train for very long but each of your workouts is very intense. That’s why it’s easier to lift on consecutive days without a break.

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