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How Do I Prepare for My First MMA Fight?

March 31, 2011 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

It would be a mistake to hear about Mixed Martial Arts one week and do your first tournament the next week. Preparing for your first MMA fight is a journey of months and not days. First, you have to work on the basics. You must develop excellent fighting fitness if you want to have a chance. Then, you need to attain excellent technique. Finally, you must prepare specifically for the fight.

Work On the Basics

To work on the basics, you must know what those beginning moves and concepts are all about. It is best to train with someone who can show you how to get started. You will need to know the basic stand-up moves such as basic kicks, punches, and blocks. You will also need to learn about grappling and groundwork. In the early stages of training, these MMA basics should be studied and practiced separately in order to gain the best mastery over each type of Mixed Martial Arts styles.

Working on your total fitness is another part of the basics of MMA fighting. You will need to be strong, flexible, and swift, and have loads of endurance if you want to have the best opportunity to win in the matches. Set up and follow a workout program with cardio as well as strength training. Do some sparring when you have a chance, but keep to technical sparring at first.

Another consideration is determining your weight class and setting a goal to stay within it or reach that weight. It is never a good idea to decide at the last minute to gain or lose a lot of weight in a very short amount of time right before the MMA fight. That only disrupts your workout schedule and decreases your abilities.

Develop Excellent Technique

Over the next several months, it is important to work with others to hone your skills and perfect your Mixed Martial Arts fighting moves. Doing movements correctly and doing them often leads to a situation where you react appropriately at the perfect second within a match. Your MMA training workout should be at least one hour per day in the beginning of this part of the preparation, and increased to three or more hours per day closer to the fight month. Continue with cardio. Sparring is essential to putting all the techniques together for the best results on tournament day. Always remember that you need a day of rest in every week for recovery and repair.

Final Training for the Big Day

The final training sequence should last about a month. From four weeks to one week before the MMA fight, it is important to push yourself as hard as you can. Work harder in cardio exercises. Construct more difficult and lengthy workout routines. Put an emphases on realistic sparring, using the moves you will use in the tournament. The week before, it is time to rest; have light workouts and short walks. On the last day before the fight, it is time to relax and let go of all your stress about the tournament. If you go into the Mixed Martial Arts fight with a clear head and the knowledge that you are well prepared, you are sure to do well.

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