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15 Minute MMA Cardio Workout

April 4, 2011 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

MMA Cardio Workout

Anyone who wants to be a MMA competitor (or who just wants to train like one) has to do cardio. It is an essential part of becoming a MMA fighter. If you want to get in the best condition of your life, and be able to last during a competition fight, then there is no way around cardio. Cardio workouts help you to shed pounds fast and build up your endurance fast. A MMA style cardio workout is far from easy, but the good thing is that it also does not take an extremely long time. In fact, it only takes 15 minutes to get an excellent cardio workout. No more hour long runs!

MMA is an extremely grueling sport. In order to stand a chance against the competition, you have to be in top physical condition. The standing and boxing aspects of the typical fight are considered to be the resting times during a typical fight. Every other moment is movement and each fight has some of the highest intensity cardio that anyone can find themselves doing. Cardio is extremely important because the better your cardio the better your endurance and you have to be able to outlast your opponent without running out of energy or oxygen.

The best MMA workouts are those that mix high and low intensity so that your body will adapt and you will get the kind of results you are looking for. Many MMA trainees use running as their cardio. If you wish to do running, do intervals. Sprint hard for 2 minutes, and then walk for 1. This can help build up cardio and endurance. You can add intensity simply by running uphill. If you're not fatigued at the end of a 15 minute run, you didn't do it hard enough.

15 minutes of jumping rope is another great cardio exercise. It also helps improve your coordination and your footwork. You can run in place as you jump the rope, skip (alternating from one foot to the other), or do double unders. Double unders is where you jump, then jump high and turn the rope twice before coming back down. It makes jumping rope a bit more difficult. The criss cross move, where you cross the arms at the elbow as the rope comes down and jump through the loop, then do a regular jump, then repeat, is perfect for improving both coordination and cardio.

Whatever cardio workout you decide to do, make sure it's short and high intensity when you are ready to kick your training up a notch and especially if you're nearing a competition. Make sure that cardio is done well after you do weights. A couple hours is a good amount of time to wait, due to the stress that weights put on the body. Change your routine regularly so that your body is always challenged. If you do the same routine too often, your body will actually become used to it and you will not see any advancements. This is a challenge for some people, who start to think they have reached their limit and will not be able to advance any further. As long as you switch up your routines, you can easily keep advancing.

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