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Five Foods that Rev up your Metabolism

April 15, 2011 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

The science of diet and nutrition has changed over the years with a recent focus on people understanding that keeping the body's metabolism at peak performance is essential to both maintaining and losing weight. People are always looking for ways to boost their metabolism. Below is a list of five foods that rev up your metabolism.

Green Tea

Recent studies have found that consuming green tea on a regular basis in your diet and nutrition program can boost your metabolism by as much as four percent. Green tea contains a lot more of something called catechins because green tea is not fermented like many other teas. Catechins are an important polyphenois that team up with caffeine to give the body a nice natural metabolism boost.


Over the years there have been claims about the fact that grapefruit can help boost metabolism. Recent studies seem to confirm this too be true. One study conducted by the Scripps Clinic saw participants who ate grapefruit lost about 3 pounds more over the course of the weeklong study. Diet and nutrition experts say that when you eat grapefruit with a meal it leads to a small spike in metabolism that will help the body process the meal it just ate better.

Lean Turkey

Lean meats have always been important parts to healthy diet and nutrition plans. Recent studies suggest that eating lean turkey will help boost metabolism. Many studies indicate that eating any type of lean meat will help boost metabolism, but lean turkey is a great option because it is less expensive then chicken and packs 26-grams of protein into a three ounce serving while delivering only 120 calories and 1 gram of unsaturated fat.


Some carbohydrate rich foods have received a bad reputation over the years because people assume that all carbohydrates are created equally. Some foods like pastas and processed wheat are not good for people trying to boost their metabolisms, but oatmeal in the proper form can help a person feel fuller and also help them speed up their overall metabolism. Oatmeal must be eaten in either the steel cut or rolled oat version in order to be most effective. Oatmeal contains seven grams of fat soluble fiber in each ¾ cup serving. This fiber helps you feel fuller and lowers insulin levels.


Diet and nutrition experts over the years have said that calcium can help boost metabolism if properly absorbed by the body. Taking calcium by itself will not help boost metabolism because it isn't absorbed into the blood fast enough to have any effect. Broccoli contains high levels of both calcium and vitamin c. The vitamin c helps deliver the calcium to the blood faster which in turn will boost your metabolism. Broccoli is also high in vitamin A, folate and fiber.

There may be other foods that belong on the five foods that rev up your metabolism list, but these are the five best according to most people. They are also the easiest to put into most people's regular diet and nutrition programs as they are all readily available.

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