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Performance Enhancing Supplements

April 18, 2011 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

When it comes to choosing dietary supplements to help with lean muscle mass, you want to choose the best products that will enhance your performance. There are a number of performance enhancing supplements out there on the market so you should have no difficulty finding the right combination of diet and supplement for optimal performance.

So you eat healthy and train hard. This by itself will produce positive results, but taking the right dietary supplements could actually improve your performance altogether. Those supplements that are used to enhance athletic performance are called erogenic aids. Supplements have been researched over the years, some of which are now backed by evidence showing them to be effective.

Creatine is an important dietary supplement shown to improve performance. It is made from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine and is deemed most effective for physical activity that is highly intense and repeated in short bouts.

Caffeine is thought to also play an important role in the enhancement of muscle performance. It does this by improving muscle endurance which enables those who use it to work out longer and harder. Caffeine is found in many unhealthy substances but is also present in various teas and other healthy products.

Protein is another performance enhancement supplement. It can be found in many foods and is available in powder form. Many people choose to use it inprotein shakes which are typically consumed after a workout for optimal results. The reason for this is because protein aids in muscle recovery. The more quickly the muscles recover after a workout the sooner the next training session can take place. Insufficient muscle recovery can also result in injury which certainly won’t help improve performance.

Protein bars are also available and just like protein powder, are usually consumed post-workout. They can even serve as a meal replacement or one of the five or six small meals consumed daily.

Supplements that are used to enhance performance should be taken as directed. The containers in which they are packaged will provide proper instructions. It is important to follow these instructions as failure to do so could result in low performance or even pose health risks. Some dietary supplements, for example, are meant to be taken before your workout while others provide the best results when taken after you have completed your routine. Using them incorrectly can also cancel out the positive effects thus making them virtually pointless.

Never depend on your dietary supplements to take the place of meals altogether. While it is okay to eat a protein bar in place of a meal high in protein on occasion, you would not want to depend on it to give you all the protein you need for the entire day. Eat plenty of healthy food and choose your supplements wisely. This is how you will achieve the best performance all around.

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