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How to Prepare for a Fitness Competition

April 20, 2011 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

Competing in a fitness competition is not for the faint hearted; it often takes a lot of rigorous preparation and constant exercise because it is physically demanding and requires a lot of intense mental focus and extreme dedication. There are many factors you need to take into consideration when preparing for a fitness competition. Your mental alertness for one is of crucial importance as well as your willingness to dedicate the amount of time and focus necessary for your fitness training. You would also need to create a routine which will put your physical prowess and ability on display.

The first thing you should keep in mind when preparing for a fitness competition is that almost anybody can compete in a fitness show barring health problems. If you have no health reason to participate in a fitness competition, then it is open to you. It really does not matter if you are a veteran fitness competitor or if you are just getting into fitness. All it takes is time, dedication and determination.

That being said, the first thing to do is to know what fitness competition you would like to compete in. once you have identified that, give yourself enough time to train. For a veteran fitness buff, who has been on a regular fitness schedule, four to five months is probably enough to whip their bodies into shape. But if you are a beginner in fitness training, giving yourself something within the region of one year to train for the fitness competition would be kinder to your body and would greatly reduce the risk of injury.

Training is an essential part in preparing for a fitness competition and this is not just limited to the exercises you have to do to get in shape. Training involves making lifestyle adjustments and changes and also involves paying close attention to your nutritional intake. It is important to periodize your training and dieting. This involves doing both progressively and building on that progress to minimize the threat of injury and improve the success rate.

Fitness competitions are not about how many tricks and gimmicks you can perform. It is about how fit you are and how effortlessly you can meet the challenges inherent in your routine. Therefore it is important to create a routine that is not about intricate moves but more about moves that will show how fit you are.

In going about your training, do not simply incorporate a fitness routine that has worked perfectly well for another person. This is because all body types are different and you need a fitness routine that is tailored to you. This is where the assistance of a certified fitness trainer comes in, one who can recommend workout routines that are well suited to your body and your temperament.

When building a routine for your fitness competition, exercise your creativity. It is not about how many tricks you can do. Go with a theme you are comfortable with and one that puts you at ease. This will probably bring out the best in you during the competition.

Your outfit should be chosen with particular care as this can make you look good. Also, do not forget to get a full body tan because this enhances your looks. Besides, skin tone is usually judged. If you are interested, there are even products you can use which will give you that extreme tanned look.

When you are preparing for a fitness competition, give yourself time to plan and train. Clear your mind of clutter so that you can be mentally focused and relax. With adequate preparation, almost anyone can participate in a fitness competition.

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