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Factors Affecting Sports Performance

April 20, 2011 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

After athletes spend hours in the gym and in practices, they expect to have great sports performance in their competitions. What many do not realize is that there are several different factors that can change the way you perform, and not all of them can be solved by lifting a few weights or going over the technical moves. Look at the complete picture to find ways to improve.


Of course, your ability will be critical in determining your sports performance. Without peak fitness, conditioning and skills, you will not be ready to win no matter how good the other factors seem. Workouts and practice are indeed important.


Nutrition everyday helps you maintain a high level of fitness. It is the food you eat right before the competition, though, that will have the greatest affect on your sports performance for that day. For many sports, the best pre-game diet is a high-carb one.


Getting a good night's sleep will make you awake, alert and ready to take on the competition. If you do not get enough sleep, you might have a headache, lose concentration and focus, or just be all around miserable. That is no way to compete, so get the sleep you need.

Self Confidence

The amount of self-confidence you feel on the day of the competition will have a great bearing on your sports performance. If you do not believe you can win, there is very little chance that you will play at your best. By having insight into the strength of your abilities, you put yourself at a better advantage.


The relationships in your life can affect sports performance, but only if you do not learn to put aside problems on the field of play. Nearly everyone has relationship issues from time to time. However, a major breakup or even a happy new relationship can change the way you play if you are not careful.


Sports performance will change dramatically if you have excellent motivation for winning. Sometimes, just the thrill of scoring goals or beating a time record is enough to motivate you tremendously. You might want to settle for nothing less than the win. What is important to you is what is important.

Peer Group

Especially in team sports, the way you interact with your peers can have a profound effect on your sports performance. If your teammates have a bad attitude, or if you have had a falling out with one or more of them, it could be tricky trying to perform well on the field of play. Good team cohesion has been credited for many great wins.


Your coach will be a major influence on your sports performance. He will guide you and your teammates all along the way. If you have a good relationship with your coach, and he knows his business, he should be able to help you improve your performance.


Finally, the competitors you are up against sometimes make all the difference in the way you perform. Sometimes there is a grudge match where the two sides have competed often before and each wants to prove superiority. In a racing event, a fast opponent will spur you on to run, cycle or swim faster. When you have analyzed the entire situation, you can decide how to deal with all your sports performance issues.

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