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Best Workouts for Muscle Growth

April 29, 2011 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

Best Muscle Growth Workouts

Muscle growth is something bodybuilders are really very concerned about; in fact, one might say they obsess about ways and means to grow their muscles. However, this is not a concern that is limited to just bodybuilders alone. Every sport requires the use of muscles in the body and greater muscle strength enhances the performance of the athlete. Quite apart from the steroids that are constantly marketed to athletes, there are countless workouts that are touted as the best thing for muscle growth, however not all workouts deliver on that promise. Therefore, it is important to find the best workouts for muscle growth thereby limiting time wasted on ineffectual training.

Muscle Growth Training

One workout which has proven to be excellent for muscle growth and one which has also been pushed to the back burner in favor of steroids and more hyped workouts is the Muscle and Strength 5 x 5. Those who have made use of this workout routine have experienced a good success rate in muscle growth and it is suitable for the beginner. Working out with the Muscle and Strength 5x5 is a way to build endurance and flexibility.

If you are looking for a workout that not only grows your muscles but gives you all-round strength, the 5 x 5 will give you that. And should you need added motivation to try this workout, the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger's mentor, Reg Park trained with the 5 x 5 method and was Mr. Universe six times.

The snatch-grip deadlift is one workout that adds mass in a hurry. The snatch deadlift in particular can be used to gain whole body strength and pack on a lot of muscles at the same time. To improve your starting strength and give yourself more of a challenge, don't just limit your workout to squats. Squats are great for building mass and strength, but once you have gotten into your routine, try performing deadlifts before moving on to squats. You could also include resistance bands or chains to your bar, just make sure you start with the light weights and gradually increase to heavier ones. Before you include chains or bands, be sure that you have mastered your squat and deadlift technique.

Another workout for muscle growth is what is known as the Bad Boy Barbell Workout. This workout is really great for growing muscle, strength, and power without ever needing any fancy equipment. It is also quite easy to learn as it involves you focusing on lower rep scheme. You perform each major lift for 4 to 10 reps and make an effort to improve each set by just one rep. It is a short term training plan for building strength and adding muscle mass.

There are different workouts which target muscle growth these are as diverse as you can imagine. However, the best approach would be to not just increase muscle mass and look stronger, but also to increase your strength and actually be stronger. To achieve both muscle mass and strength, full body workouts are the recommended routines particularly if you want to avoid taking steroids. It is possible to have a strong body without packing it full of steroids.

Whatever you do, make sure you pick workouts that work for you and fit your needs.

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