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Incorporate Weight Training Into Your Workouts

August 27, 2007 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Yvonne Rayburn, CPT

Weight Lifting

Why You Should Incorporate It in Your Workout Program

Five Reasons to Start a Weight Lifting Program:

When many people think of “working out” they think of hitting the treadmill, running at the park or a good bike ride. These are all great forms of cardiovascular exercise, but in addition to cardio, your workout program should also include some form of weight training (also known as resistance training). Below are five reasons to think about adding weight training to your current workout regimen and why you should keep lifting if you already do!

1. Muscle burns more calories than fat! When it comes to working out, who doesn’t want to burn more calories? By lifting weights you will increase the amount of lean mass or muscle that your body carries. By increasing the amount of lean mass you have, you will in turn increase your metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns fuel or calories). So by having more muscle, you will be burning more calories even when you are at rest!

2. Improve bone strength. How many times have you heard of someone, usually an older adult, who has fallen and broken a bone? Maybe you even know someone this has happened to…or maybe it has happened to you. As we age, we need to incorporate weight bearing exercise in our workout routines to keep our bones strong. By working to improve/maintain our balance we will be less likely to have a fall and if we do fall, our bones will be stronger and less likely to break if we have been doing regular weight training.

3. Get better results at your next physical exam. Increased metabolic rate, reduction in resting blood pressure, decreased risk for Type 2 Diabetes, positive changes in blood lipid profiles and improved posture are just a few of the benefits you can see at your next physical if you start weight training now. One way to easily learn to incorporate weight training into your workouts is to use’s Workout Lab.

4. Clear your mind and boost your energy level. Anyone who has participated in a consistent weight lifting program for an extended period (or even a short period) of time can certainly list the mental benefits. A clear mind and increased energy level that is achieved after a weight training session are great benefits that you cannot measure by time or monetary value. While it is true that many people work out for the physical benefits (weight loss, more muscle definition, increased strength), some people simple enjoy the fact that they feel better and have more energy to live and enjoy life as a result of a consistent resistance training program. And after all, isn’t living a longer, happier, healthier life what it is all about?!

5. Builds self confidence and self esteem. Increased strength leads to more self confidence and more self confidence leads to greater success in all areas of life. In addition, as changes start to occur to physical appearance, self esteem is gained. As with gains in self confidence, increased self esteem allows a person to reach out and try things that they may not have done in the past.

By making weight training part of your workout program, you will soon be reaping the benefits for yourself! If you need assistance in properly performing your workouts, visit’s Exercise Lab for instructional video assistance!

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