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Muscle Building Exercise Routines: No Equipment!

August 14, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

No Equipment Muscle Building

Most people believe that when you start an exercise routine, no matter what it is, it will require lots of equipment and machines or an expensive gym membership. That is simply not true. Some of the best workouts, including a muscle building work out can be in the simplest forms. And you can get great results without the machines and equipment.

Some people may find that it’s just easier to stay motivated by working with exercise machines, especially when muscle building. It may be necessary for some individuals to use equipment to perform their workouts, while other may find it easier to work out without equipment. Everyone is different and what is important is that one way or the other, you can happily and easily perform your workouts. It is entirely up to you to decide what is easier for your personal fitness goals. If machines don’t work for you, you should consider foregoing the machines before completely giving up on your fitness goals.

Some of the oldest forms of exercises can actually be very beneficial for muscle building. You can in fact use your own body weight to build muscle. One secret of muscle building without machines is to do physical exercises in sets and groups. This allows you to work out different areas of your body.  Pull ups, pushups and squats can be extremely effective at muscle building. Everyone should start their muscle building careers this way because it allows you to slowly gain strength and muscle before going hardcore into a program.

The trick to building muscle without weights is to keep challenging your muscles once you can easily perform a set. If you can do 20 squats easily, you should add hold times in between each squat instead of increasing the number of squats. Increasing the number will only build endurance and not muscle. You also don’t have to do the same muscle building exercises every day. In fact, a sticking to just 3 days a week can and will build muscle. Progression is important. Your routine should challenge your muscles more and more, week after week.

Finally, another important component of muscle building without machines is proper nutrition. Protein is an important ingredient for muscle building. Without good nutrition your body will actually burn muscle during your work outs and that’s the exact opposite goal that you are going for. Hydration is important for giving your muscle energy during your workouts also.

One thing is certain, a muscle building workout without machines will be extra rewarding. Once you begin to conquer your routines and build muscle, you will feel strong from the inside out because you have depended on yourself entirely to meet your personal fitness goals. And you might have saved a little money in the process.

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