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Workout Routines for Kids

August 30, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

Kid's Workouts

These days kids sit around way too much and work out too little. Kids have it different than we adults did. We used to play outside most of the day. We wanted to get out of the house as it was too hot since most of us did not have air condition.

Nowadays kids are used to central air and the hot weather feels terrible to them. Kids want to sit inside and watch TV or play video games. This type of sedentary lifestyle is slowly killing our children. We need to get them back outside and exercising.

To get started, get outside with your children. Go for a bike ride to the park. Play on the equipment with your children. All of you will have a great time and you are moving around.

If you can afford it, get a family pass to a local gym. You can swim together and you can workout. If your children are older they can join as well.

Make plans for a family picnic at the beach. Pack healthy lunch foods and snacks. Bring plenty of ice cold drinking water. Swim and walk on the beach. Some areas also have hiking nearby and you can all take a hike after lunch if you choose.

Work out at home with your kids. Buy CD’s with workout routines on them.

You can even lead a workout routine at home with your kids in your family room or basement. Everyone get into comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. You can start out one of the workout routines with stretches. Stretch your neck by looking side to side 10 x’s, look up 10 x’s and look down 10 x’s. Stretch your arms and sides by reaching up and over to the side with each arm 10 x’s. You can even stretch your hands by flexing your fingers out and then make a fist. Repeat 10 x’s. Twist 10 x’s side to side. Sit on the floor and straighten both legs. Stretch down as far as you can 10 x’s without hurting yourself. Only go to the spot that you still feel a stretch and you are comfortable. Flex your feet up and down.

Now you can start one of the workout routines with your kids. You can choose to do 10 jumping jacks. Lie on the ground. Raise your legs up 10 x’s. Lie on one side and raise your leg up 10 x’s and do the other side. You can do 20 crunches on the floor. Once you are finished with these exercises head on out for a jog around the block with each other. If any of you are unable to jog, you can all walk as quick as possible.

The workout routines you do today will benefit your children into adulthood. You are setting a wonderful example as well and your children may continue to workout for the rest of their lives to stay healthy.

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