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Choosing The Right Strength Training Exercises

September 8, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

When beginning any fitness program it is important to choose the exercises that are right for you. To do this, you need to have a clear understanding of your overall fitness goals. The exercises you choose will depend on these goals. Below are some you can incorporate into your regular exercise routine.

Your body is comprised of various muscle groups, each with different sets of exercises you can perform. If you are just beginning, you will need to choose one to two exercises for each muscle group in the upper body and three to four for the lower.

Strengthening your chest muscles is very important. They are used for performing many different activities. In fact, you might not even realize just how much you depend on these muscles. The bench press machine is a great way to build up the muscles in your chest. You can find such a machine at your local gym or can purchase a weight bench with this capability. Pushups are also a great exercise for your chest. These can be done anywhere and will benefit both your arms and shoulders as well.

The back is another part of body that requires exercises. Your fitness program can include the following exercises: seated rowing machine, back extensions and lat pulldowns. Again, the rowing machine can be purchased for use at home.

There are a number of different exercises you can do to work the muscles in your shoulders. Among them are: overhead press, lateral raise and front raise.

There are several popular muscles used to strengthen the abdominal muscles as well. Sit ups and crunches are among them. Your fitness program should include several ab exercises.

Strengthening your core is another very important part of a fitness program. There are exercises you can do standing up that will help this central part of your body. When in a standing position, place your hands on your hips and pull your belly button back toward your spine. This will work the muscles in the middle section of your body and make the others listed above much easier to do over time.

Make sure you are executing each exercise in your fitness routine correctly. This really matters both for strength purposes and to avoid injury.

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