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Train and Eat Like a Fitness Model

November 4, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

Maybe you aren’t looking to work as a female fitness model but you’d like to look like one anyway. Who wouldn’t? Female fitness models have the ideal body; lean and athletic. Achieving the body of a female fitness model isn’t impossible but it does require dedication, a lot of training, and diet focused strictly on nutrition. Some may argue that genetics will either give you the body of a fitness model or they won’t. This isn’t true! Training plays the key role. In order to look like a female fitness model, you need to train like one. If you have the willingness to stick to a strict fitness plan, you can do it.

The workout routine of a fitness model is extremely organized, and should too should yours be if you hope to look like one. Particular muscles must be worked on particular days and without a written schedule, it’s easy to lose track of what to do and when. This is crucial to ensuring that no one-muscle group gets overworked.

As you may have guessed, the workout routine for a female fitness model involves a lot of weight lifting. Weight lifting is usually incorporated into every workout, as lean muscle definition is one of the key attributes of a female fitness model. Weight lifting routines include the lifting of fairly heavy weights in an effort to promote muscle building. There is a fine line female fitness models must not cross, however, and that is “bulking up.” Muscles should be long and lean; not bulky. To achieve this, female fitness models lift weights that only allow them to do about 12 repetitions per set. Usually female fitness models do about 4 or 5 sets of the same exercise.

No female fitness model’s workout routine would be complete without a lot of cardio exercise. Cardio, along with weight training, work to burn fat. This is key aspect of fitness modeling, as body fat percentages must be very low. This allows for the tone and shape of the muscles to show through. Fitness models generally begin their workout routines and then switch to cardio to prevent overworking muscles. Most female fitness models focus on running or the Stairmaster as their main forms of cardio.

Nutrition is the other key component to being a successful female fitness model. Food becomes fuel in the life of a fitness model; therefore, the focus is on eating foods that their bodies can most efficiently process. Lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy are the central parts of the diet. Most female fitness models also log their nutrition to keep track of calories.

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