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How To Get Rid of Excess Skin After Fat Loss

November 14, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

If you have ever lost a lot of weight, you know that the skin that has stretched over time does not simply shrink again or vanish into thin air. There are ways to get rid of excess skin after fat loss, however, that have proven to be effective and successful.

The key is to prevent the lose skin by losing weight the healthy way. When you gradually lose weight, your skin begins to shrink so that upon losing all the weight you desire you won't be left with lose skin you can't do much about. By eating a well-balanced healthy diet and exercising regularly, you will be able to lose weight over time. This is much healthier for you than rapid weight loss because of the rigorous routine rapid weight loss involves. Some people are able to lose weight quickly and remain healthy, but losing a lot of weight fast isn't the way to go. Instead, love it slowly over time so your body will adjust to the change.

Set goals. Don't think of it in terms of a specific amount of weight you want to lose within a certain timeframe, but father how you will go about losing weight. As long as fat loss is occurring you will be progressing. This should serve as great motivation. Your goals should include increasing your exercise routines or changing your diet plan. The reason for this is as follows. Let's say you set a certain mount of weight you want to lose by a specified time as your goal. Not reaching it will only be discouraging. Instead, set a goal to see a change in your body by a certain time. Here you aren't attaching an amount to the change and you will still remain motivated to keep going.

Quick weight loss is often not maintained. This is because chances are you have chosen a crash diet to do it and these aren't good because they only last for the duration of your actual weight loss. Once you have gotten rid of the fat you didn't want, you begin eating the way you did before and the weight is gained back again. This is what also prompts yoyo dieting where you go on a diet, then return to your normal eating habits only to repeat the process over and over again. Instead, change your eating habits altogether. When you continue eating healthy you keep the weight off because you aren't taking in all those calories again. Your body becomes accustomed to the change and adjusts accordingly.

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