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Lean Muscle Routines for Women

November 17, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

Lean Muscle Workout Routines for Women

Women need to keep in mind that while achieving lean muscle is possible, the workout plan involved for achieving this is much different from that a man’s. Women carry fat differently, and have bodies with different proportions. Women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat meant to keep their bodies healthy during pregnancy.  The hips, thighs, and waist are generally a woman’s “target areas” for a lean muscle routine. Because of this, they don’t respond to a generic weight lifting routine that’s generally towards men.

A lean muscle routine geared towards women involves high repetitions and weights that are light to moderate. This means that the weights should be heavy enough to feel resistance but light enough to be able to keep a good full range of motion form.  Women want to be sure they can keep good form from the first rep all the way through. Ideally, a lean muscle routine geared towards women includes sets of 20 reps. If a woman is able to comfortably do 20 reps without any struggle, it’s time to increase the weight being lifted.

High reps are encourages because these will firm and tone existing muscles instead of building more muscle mass. Most women do not find a bulky muscular frame desirable, or even achievable.  This is also why the weights lifted shouldn’t be too heavy.  Building up the muscle underneath a layer of fat will only push out the fat and make women look bigger. Women want to burn this layer of fat off, which is easier to achieve with high reps and lighter weights.

A lean muscle routine for women should involve working their whole body during each workout. Women wanting to lose weight while developing lean muscle should consider a circuit training routine.  Women should also focus on sculpting and toning aerobic classes that are performed at a high intensity. This will ensure that calories are burned. Keep in mind that most of these classes also incorporate resistance and weight training in the second half, which makes for the perfect lean muscle building routine.

Women should remember that a weight lifting routine isn’t only necessary for building lean muscle but it also helps keeps bones strong and density high, which is crucial in later life.

Women desiring a lean muscle routine need to remember they cannot perform the same routine as their significant other in order to see the results best suited for their bodies.

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