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How Much Muscle Can I Build Per Month?

November 17, 2010 Print This ArticleShare

Author: Michael Greeves

Muscle Gain per Month

If you are just starting a fitness program you are probably wondering how much muscle you will be able to build each month. This is a good question since different programs and routines will net you different results. The first question you should ask yourself is how much you want to build per month. A lot of this will depend on your body type and what is right for you.

What you eat will make a very big difference. If you are trying to build a lot of muscle in one month you will need protein. If you keep your muscles sufficiently fed, they will continue to grow at an even rate. Eat a well-balanced healthy diet full of vitamins and other nutrients. You should get the four food groups a day and eat several small meals. Six to eight is a good number when you are trying to build muscle. This is what will help your muscles grow regularly and keep your metabolism boosted.

When establishing a routine, think about your muscle gaining goals. You want to gain muscle mass but how quickly do you wish for it to occur? If slow growth is what you’re after, a regular diet without supplements will suffice. Here you are simply trying to gain muscle without the bulk. If, on the other hand, bulk is what you want and you are going for the max, get lots of protein including supplements. You will gain a lot of muscle in one month if you really pack a lot of healthy foods into your diet. Hard and fast workouts require a lot of fuel. If you don’t have the sufficient amount you won’t have the energy needed for proper growth.

You can vary your workouts as you go along and will be able to grow even more muscle as you go along. This is a natural way to get training and remain healthy while you do it.

There are many variables that factor into how much muscle you can gain in one month. They include: age, gender, physical condition, diet, genetics and training. All of these work together when it comes to muscle mass and all play an important role in just how  much you actually gain. You will need it establish a program to really find out how much your muscles can grow and how quickly this will take place. Sometimes it just comes down to how hard you’re willing to work and how committed you are to the task at hand. Work hard and you just never know how much muscle you’ll actually build each month.

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