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Wide Grip Chin Up With Assist

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  • Torque F7 (Functional Trainer)

Muscle Groups

  • Back


  • Latissimus dorsi (upper back) strength.
  • Biceps strength.
Sets Reps Distance Duration
Tempo Intensity (% of Max) Weight Load Rest Period


  • Set doors narrow, adjust swivel pulleys to approximately waist level and attach chin-assist strap ends to each swivel pulley.
  • Step onto center of chin-assist strap with one foot while grasping chin handles. Tuck opposite foot behind the other.
  • Pull body up until head clears chin-up bar.
  • Slowly lower body returning to start position and repeat.


  • "Pull" yourself up with the latissimus dorsi muscles (back muscles)


  • Jutting the chin forward or up.
  • Shrugging the shoulders as you pull up.