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Bodybuilding Workout - Chest, Shoulders, Tri's

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Chest, shoulders, and triceps is one of the all time favorite workout routines of bodybuilders. The bodybuilding workout is designed to gain strength, followed by muscle mass. The training volume is limited to 2 compound exercises per muscle group. Follow this program for 3 weeks and then switch to a less intense program. Monitor your bodybuilding workouts by recording your sets, reps, rest periods, and weights. Keep the workout short, intense and focused.


Barbell Bench Press

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  • Barbell
  • Bench

Muscle Groups

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps


  • Chest strength
  • Front deltoids strength
  • Triceps strength
Sets Reps Distance Duration
3 8
Tempo Intensity (% of Max) Weight Load Rest Period
Moderate 90 sec


  • Lying on a bench, hold the barbell over the chest, arms straight, hands placed slightly outside of shoulder width.
  • Keep your chest up at all time, and allow the lower back to maintain a natural arch (not excessive).
  • Lower the barbell to the top of the chest.
  • Press the bar back up to the top, until your arms are straight.


  • Keep your chest up


  • Not keeping the chest up
  • Over-arching the lower back
  • Lifting the hips off the bench
  • Pushing the head back against the bench