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Fat Loss Plan for Women

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If you're a woman looking to lose fat and get tone muscles, the fat loss workout plan for women is for you. The fat loss plan for women is a great for building a lean, sexy body in minimal time. The fat loss plan for women includes strength training and interval training. The workout utilizes compound exercises to tone muscle and burn fat in the least amount of time. Perform three rounds of the fat loss workout plan, including the running. Take as much time in between rounds as necessary.



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  • No Equipment Needed

Muscle Groups

  • Cardio-Respiratory System
  • Full Body


  • Increases cardiovascular and respiratory fitness
Sets Reps Distance Duration
10 30 sec
Tempo Intensity (% of Max) Weight Load Rest Period
Fast 95% 90 sec


  • While running, make sure to point both feet straight ahead.
  • Make sure your foot strikes in a rolling motion, from heel to toes.
  • Keeping both elbows bent, stay loose and relaxed as you swing both arms.
  • Keep your chest up, shoulders down and relaxed.


  • Keep loose


  • Flopping the feet upon landing
  • Hunching forward
  • Slouching