Workout Plans - Free Workout Routines For Men & Women

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100+ Free Workouts to Keep You Motivated Toward Reaching Your Fitness Goals.

12 Angry Lifts

This workout focuses on 12 results-producing strength exercises. The 12 angry lifts workout is a head to toe, gut-busting workout plan. Perform this workout two times a week. For example, Monday and Thursday. Complete each exercise before moving on to the next, resting for the allotted time between reps. Use this workout routine for up to 4 weeks for strength, lean muscle, and real-world fitness.
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15 Minute Workout

The 15 minute workout consists of four multi-joint exercises performed for 3 rounds. We know you are busy with little time to waste in your daily workout routine. The 15 minute workout is perfect for those moments when you're thinking about skipping a workout or you're extra pressed for time. Perform each exercise for 15 reps in a circuit fashion, resting only when you complete each round. This is also an excellent workout if you are traveling or have limited equipment available to you. Enjoy!
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30 Minute Workout

This 30 minute workout targets the whole body. The goal of the workout is to keep your heart rate elevated by keeping the rest periods short. Perform the 30 minute workout as a circuit. Do one set of each exercise for 10 reps resting after the completion of one round. Perform two to three more rounds for up to 30 minutes. Workout with a partner for extra motivation. You know you have 30 minutes to spare, so get going. Remember to go fast, but don't sacrifice your technique.
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Abdominal Specialization Workout

Workout your abs with these foolproof exercises. The abdominal specialization workout is an intense workout featuring a wide variety of ab exercises. Perform the abdominal specialization workout a max of twice per week until the desired results are met. Use this workout if your abdominal development is lagging behind other muscle groups.
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Abs Workout

Abs workout is your route to amazing abs. Eat clean, train hard and work out your abs. Take the non-surgical approach to getting cut abs, train hard! For ideas on eating clean and burning fat visit If you are looking for a solid ab workout routine to tighten up your stomach muscles -- follow this workout. The exercises in the abs workout have been selected to develop a strong and sexy core. Get ready for the beach - workout for a lean, ripped core.
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Abs: Beginner

Beginner abs workout is designed for maximum results in minimal time. Workout your abs with the following core exercises and you'll see results. If you're looking for lean, well defined abs - you'll need to follow a healthy, low-fat diet and perform high intensity cardio. While you are working off any extra weight that may be covering your abs, try these ab exercises to strengthen your core.
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Aerobic Workout

Aerobic workouts can be performed outdoors or indoors. A simple aerobic workout like running may be the best choice. It requires no equipment and the intensity can be controlled by your pace. If you haven't been active, take it slow. Go for duration, not speed. Combine walking and running. Be sure you warm up by walking at a brisk pace for 5 to 10 minutes. Stretch after you run and not before. During the summer months stay hydrated by consuming at least 1 liter of fluid.
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All Body Power Workout

Improve your power, explosiveness, and build lean muscle with the all body power workout. Use functional exercises selected for real world fitness. Perform these six high-intensity exercises as a circuit; complete the recommended number of reps, and rest as needed between moves. Rest 90 seconds between rounds, then repeat one to two more times depending on your conditioning level. Perform the workout three times per week, resting a day between sessions.
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Apocalift Now Workout

You never know what tomorrow will bring.Prepare yourself for whatever comes your way with the Apocalift Now Workout. We're not suggesting zombies will attack. No, it's more likely you'll encounter real threats from mother nature or shady characters on the streets. If you think your current workout is a joke, it's time to stop laughing and start really training. Perform this workout for as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes. Rest as necessary. Record the number of rounds you complete.
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Arm Specialization Workout

Workout your arms and get ready for summer beach fun. The arm workout is an intense workout featuring a wide variety of arm exercises. Perform the arm specialization workout a max of twice per week until the desired results are met. Use this workout if your arm development is lagging behind other muscle groups. Workout your arms for maximum results in minimal time.
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At Home Workout

Home workouts can be as good as gym workouts. Getting a workout at home has its benefits. Work out in the privacy of your own home and no matter what the weather is doing outside, inside you can always train. Home workouts don’t have to be boring. Partner with a buddy or hire a personal trainer to make your home workouts fun and exciting. All you need is the right attitude and some basic equipment.
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Back Specialization Workout

Back workouts give you a super "V" look. The back specialization workout is an intense workout featuring a wide variety of compound exercises. Perform the back specialization workout a max of twice per week until the desired results are met. Use this workout if your back development is lagging behind other muscle groups. A strong back will help protect your low-back and create a strong core.
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Back: Beginner

Back workouts for beginners includes basic compound exercises for building back strength and muscle definition. Build your back muscles with proven strength training exercises. Workout using a pullup bar rather than assisted pullups machine if possible. Focus on pulling with your back muscles rather than your arms. When performing any rowing motion remember to keep the natural arch in the lower back.
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Bad Boy Barbell Workout

Punish yourself for that over the top weekend with the bad boy barbell workout. This workout is comprised of four barbell exercises meant to build strength, power, and lean muscle. Perform the bad boy barbell workout two days per week. For example, Monday and Thursday. Make sure you warm-up on each exercise before maxing the weight. Add some high intensity interval training on your off days to shred the fat.
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Barbell Workout A

The barbell workout series is a barbell-only work-out plan. The workout focuses on compound exercises to deliver maximum results in minimum time. Perform Barbell Workout A on Monday and Friday, and Barbell Workout B on Wednesday. Follow the workout routine for up to four weeks. You may perform this workout at home or at the gym. For muscular endurance, change the reps to 15 and decrease the rest between sets to 60 seconds.
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