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Assess Your Fitness

FitScore helps each member assess their current fitness level (or starting point) by breaking fitness into its five component elements and rating each component. The five components are also aggregated to provide an overall FitScore.

Improve Your FitScore®

Individual fitness components can be targeted for improvement. Push fitness to new levels and avoid plateaus with targeted training. New Year’s resolutions to get in shape have never been easier.

Upload to Workout-X®

Members can upload their FitScore directly to Workout-X®. The Fitness Engine will evaluate the FitScore and create customized workouts based on each individual’s unique FitScore.

Share and Compare

FitScore contains a viral element that allows users to share their FitScore via online communities and compare FitScores with friends, family and peers.

FitScore is a registered tradename and trademark of HyperStrike, Inc.

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