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Ben Williams

Ben Williams

Gender: Male


Vital Statistics

5'11", 235lbs, 31 yrs old.


Favorite Workout
jogging listening to music.
My Personal Bests
340lb Bench press, 410lb full squat, 240lb power clean.
Favorite Workout Places
My son, My family, music, exercise/strength training(once upon a time), Fifa 08 (xbox 360).
200lbs or size 32 waist whatever comes first.
What’s on My iPod
killswitch engage, rage against the machine, foo fighters, tool, wolfmother, ying yang twins, chamillionaire, too short, garth brooks, kenney chesney
What Motivates Me
Favorite Post Workout Meal
40 gram protein shake w/fruit, kre-alkalyn, water
My Supplement Plan
Protein, Kre-Alkalyn creatine, multivitamins, water