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Lana Merkley

Lana Merkley

Gender: Female

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Vital Statistics

5'4, 141 pounds, 19% body fat, average/muscular body type


I race women's and men's motocross, race/raise sled dogs, snowboarding, swim, a dedicated runner, wakeboard, and hunt/fish!!!!! I grew up in Saint Paul and currently live with my parents. I am a college student at the local community college and work out twice a day to help relieve the everyday stresses from school.

Favorite Workout
cardio.. I love to drip sweat!!!
My Personal Bests
I am good at doing cardio for ever! I also am good at the stability ball.
Favorite Workout Places
outside in the summer time!
shopping, being with my family and friends, racing motocross and snowboarding and all of the other things I do.
to loose 15 pounds and gain 15 pounds of muscle
What’s on My iPod
Journey, The Eagles, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Led Zepplin, Cold play, No Doubt, 80s, rock N Roll, early 90s rap, and Every piece of techno ever made
What Motivates Me
my family and friends, being healthy, feeling good after the work out, and most of all... doing well racing motocross
Favorite Post Workout Meal
Chicken, fruit, and Silk Soy milk
My Supplement Plan
eat healthy! no supplements included!