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Crystal Humes

Crystal Humes

Gender: Female

Location: Cambridge springs, pa

Vital Statistics

I am 5ft 3in. I weigh 246 lbs and my body fat percentage is 46%


I have been wanting to build a strong relationship with working out for a long time now. I have let myself go strengh wise and weight wise and am very excited to finally be starting something new.

Favorite Workout
I like the eliptical right now. It tires the heck out of me and that is definitely a good thing.
My Personal Bests
Right now I don't feel like I really have any of those except for my personality and hopefully that changes here in the near future.
Favorite Workout Places
Well I would say right now Snap fitness.
I love to shop, hang out with my friends, take pictures, scrapbook, and just about anything.
My short term goal is to lose 30lbs by July. My long term goal is to reach a healthy weight and maintain that along with strength.
What’s on My iPod
I don't have an IPOD... I should get one
What Motivates Me
Having other friends and family members to work out with when we are all looking towards the same goal. It kind of makes it like a competition.
Favorite Post Workout Meal
I don't have one right now.
My Supplement Plan
I'm looking for vitamins.