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Michael Reilly

Michael Reilly

Gender: Male

Location: I Live in Duluth, MN originally from Paulsboro, NJ.

Vital Statistics

I'm 5-3 145 lbs. Don't know my body fat but the muscle is there, just have to get extra's off my b


I enjoy working out and eating clean.

Favorite Workout
I guess the eliptical for now. The easiest and most relaxing.
My Personal Bests
Favorite Workout Places
Fitness, bodybuilding, workouts. I spend a lot of time at work. I am married and enjoy home life.
I'm not really trying to loose to much weight, I just need to tone up a few key area's.
What’s on My iPod
All kinds of stuff. Christian new aga, Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B.
What Motivates Me
Favorite Post Workout Meal
My Supplement Plan
I started eating right and need to keep it that way by not buying stuff not healthy.