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Kate Wadle

Kate Wadle

Gender: Female

Location: Iowa Ahhh the corn fields!

Vital Statistics

5'7 136 lbs 16% Bodyfat or less.


LOVE TRAINING. Have a wonderful husband, three kids, just had a baby 3 months ago! All boys, the older brother are 5 and 4!

Favorite Workout
My Personal Bests
Still working to attain them!
Favorite Workout Places
CrossFit and my home!
Working out. Being a great Mom and wife!
To do a muscle up and kipping pullups!
What’s on My iPod
A huge variety.
What Motivates Me
Good music and challenging wokrouts!
Favorite Post Workout Meal
1 scoop of protein and a bannana
My Supplement Plan
Food and whey protein! Try to avoid supplements!