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Michael Kastler

Michael Kastler

Gender: Male


Vital Statistics

ABOUT ME is my site and radio show

Favorite Workout
extreme stair running - hancock center in februrary is awesome: 94 flights
My Personal Bests
94 flights of stairs (up the Hancock tower in chicago) in 18:42
Favorite Workout Places
YMCA - why is this not listed in your gyms?
outside of working out? I have a tech radio show (, have 3 beautiful kids and a wonderful wife, and play some guitar ... really anything to keep myself from thinking about my day job! :)
reduce bodyfat to under 10% while maintaining muscle mass
What’s on My iPod
podrunner and groovelectric by dj steve boyette!
What Motivates Me
being around for my kids ... and looking good too ;)
Favorite Post Workout Meal
My Supplement Plan
whey protein, multivitamins, and glutamine