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Jeffrey Thorn

Jeffrey Thorn

Gender: Male

Location: Rochester, MN

Vital Statistics

5'11", 145 lbs. 9-11%


I am a mixed martial artist. I currently train under Loagan Clark at Rochester MMA.

Favorite Workout
I prefer endurance training for it's dual (cardio, strength) benefits.
My Personal Bests
I am a Bantam weight fighter so I am a small guy.
Favorite Workout Places
At the Minnesota martial arts academy
MMA, jiu jitsu, music.
To keep a low body fat while still increasing strength.
What’s on My iPod
Don't have one!!
What Motivates Me
Seeing the results.
Favorite Post Workout Meal
Muscle milk
My Supplement Plan
Daily vitamin, glucosamine, acai, Nox pump, Amino, Whey protein, creatine