The 5 Best Adjustable Weight Benches

When you decide to build your own home gym or to open a fitness center, deciding on what equipments you need to buy and what not can be a difficult and challenging task. Since there are countless of options to choose and different brands to pick from, you can be haunted by the daunting feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing which one is going to be the best option for your temple of improvement, which equipment is going to be the best for your commodity and which one is not! However, one of the most important things that MUST be on every gym is the weight bench. That’s why, we decided to list the best adjustable weight benches in this article.

You of course, just like I would like to purchase something that is going to help you improve your overall fitness and you need it to be with you as long as possible, meaning you too would like something of quality that you are going to use in the long run. Building the body of your dreams or becoming the best version of yourself doesn’t happen overnight, there are steps that need to be taken daily, you need to put up a consistent long term effort to be able to reap the benefits that come with improving your lifestyle and health.

Today I’m going to provide you with a list of the best workout benches that you can find out there to equip your workout space with. The bench is one of the most demanding workout equipment amidst every place where people go to work out. Without the bench, you have yourself a place which is mainly made for cardio purposes. The bench is one of the most reliable equipment which provides you with a stable balance to execute most of the exercises that are going to help you build the body of your dreams. Some of the greatest exercises known to mankind are performed in those benches, such as is the Mighty Bench Press which mainly targets those chest muscles or pectorial (medical terms), The Boulder Shoulder Press which gives your body that wide V taper shape by exercising your deltoids, and so many more exercises that are essential to building a greatly sculpted body packed with muscles. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it.

Best Budget Adjustable Weight Bench

5. Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench SB670

Starting off our best adjustable weight bench list, we have the Marcy SB670. If you are looking for the most affordable bench then this Adjustable Bench that comes from a reliable manufacturer named Marcy. It is one of the top-rated benches you can find on a small budget. This weight bench comes with a plenty amount of useful features which you can make effective use of.

The SB670 is a bench which provides you with great stability and solidity to execute most of your exercises. This bench is customizable and features a great deal of premium quality in design. You can adjust it into a decline position and inclined position which is going to provide you with a lot of different exercises to execute.

This bench comes with 6 adjustable settings and you can position the bench into several degrees starting from -15 degrees which is in declined position and 75 degrees at an inclined position. This customization enables this bench to offer you a variety of exercises that are never going to let you hit that plateau that you get from including the same type of exercise continuously into your workouts.

This is one of the best benches you can find at this price range and most users have rated it as the number one bench regarding the weight load it can hold which is somewhere up to 650lbs which is a large number for the price range this bench comes at.

In conclusion, this bench is going to be suitable for most of the people who are experienced weightlifters and also for many beginners who are just starting to work out.

Best Weight Bench For Home Use

4. Bowflex SelectTech 5.1

If you’re looking for a reliable bench that is going to withstand a rigorous workout with heavy weight lifting then the selecTech 5.1 by Bowflex is going to assist you with that. This weight bench comes with some interesting features and it comes with more angles and positions compared to other weight benches.

It features 6 adjustable positions and it highlights a great option which is: you can decline this bench and position it at -17 degrees a feature that a lot of weight benches lack. it also can be adjusted to a flat position and can be inclined at a variety of degrees that are pretty standard such as 30, 40, 60 and a fully inclined position of 90 degrees.

The two extra positions give this bench a bit more advantage over some other benches you can find out there on this market. Having two extra settings for your bench can be a great addition that allows you to introduce a great variety of exercises into your workout regime. Another notable feature this bench has is that the seat can be adjusted too at two different settings, this added feature improves your balance and helps you keep a stable base and assures you of maximum support and comfort while you’re working out. This bench can withstand up to 400lbs of weight load which is more than enough for most weight lifters.

In conclusion, If you are being backed by a bench that can provide you with great support you are going to definitely have a more efficient workout since you’re going to be more focused on contracting your muscles rather than trying to hold your balance so you don’t slip from the bench. This bench offers you a great quality steel frame and it’s a heavy duty weight bench. Bowflex is a popular manufacturer of making quality gym equipment and therefore with this weight bench, they continue to maintain that well-earned reputation.

Best Adjustable Weight Bench For Beginners

3. Body-Solid Powerline PFID125X

Everyone who has ever bought something, firstly looks at the benefits they can get from the product and then, they see if they can afford it. The Powerline PFID125X bench from Body Solid is going to provide you with some great features and is very affordable for everyone who wants to have a solid bench in their gym. The PFID125X is well known for the durable construction it comes with and the tremendous amount of user weight load it can hold.

This bench is set up perfectly and it is ready for use right out of the package, so you won’t need tools to put together this bench. It features 7 position adjustments and it is definitely going to assist you in your workout program. It features a brace at your legs position which is there to help you keep your balance with your front legs while you’re working out in a declined angle and it definitely helps to provide you with balance to keep your posture correct so you avoid any injuries.

In conclusion, being able to withstand a great amount of user weight load, the golden number we’re looking at here goes up to 500lbs, this bench comes with a fantastic design and it is definitely going to please an intermediate weight lifter who needs a solid bench to complete his workouts. Being an affordable bench which falls on the mid-range of quality benches this powerline bench by Body Solid ensures you of the quality being invested in this bench and with great quality, you are bound to find great stability. I would say that this product definitely deserves its spot on our best adjustable weight benches list.

The Most Durable Weight Bench

2. Ironmaster SuperBench

This Super Bench that is coming from the brand Ironmaster is one of the most stable benches you may come across. It makes effective use of some of the greatest features a bench could have. It provides the users with great durability, stability, adjustability and comfortability which makes up a great experience for anyone who wants to use this super bench. It’s called a super bench because of the enormous weight load it can withstand a tremendous weight of 1000lb, with that kind of weight capacity this bench is going to be more than enough even for the advanced lifters who enjoy a heavy weight lifting workout.

It features 11 adjustable levels and it can be used in incline positions and decline positions. Another notable feature this super bench comes with is that there is no gap when you adjust this bench in a flat position. Most of the benches that are being sold on the market have a departed seat from the backrest which allows a gap separating the two. This Ironmaster arrives with a detachable seat which you can remove when you want to use it in a solid flat position. It also supports a great variety of attachment accessories which you can buy separately. The upholstery of the bench is fairly great in quality with 3 layers of thick upholstery and great materials which when you lie upon them provide you with a great balance and stability.

Overall, the super bench makes up for great home equipment which allows you to execute a broad variety of exercises on it arrives with some great functions and highlights some durable features. It will surely provide you with a great workout experience.

Best Multi Purpose Weight Bench

1. Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857

To finish our best adjustable weight bench list, we have the Marcy MD-857. Proceeding to enter the world of premium benches that are equipped with some impressive features and provide the users with great options. A great addition to this list is the Marcy’s Olympic Weight Bench. With an impressive entrance, Marcy’s going to blow your mind and it exceeds the bar of what a bench is capable of. If you have been searching for a bench that will provide you with a ton of options to execute a broad range of upper body and lower body workout options then this Marcy Bench is the perfect choice for you.

Oh, did I mention the fact that it comes at a very affordable price? Well, now you know. This Olympic weight bench is constructed with heavy-duty steel which means it provides you with incredible stability and balance, it features two posts where you can store your weight plates. This is a great addition to benches generally since while working out you will always need something to support your heavy lifting workouts. The posts can be also used as a squat rack and with that being said you can have a great full body workout with this Olympic bench. Just like any other bench this one too comes with adjustable levels of position, you can adjust the position of the backrest by simply lifting the and sliding the padded section to your desired height.

One of the many advanced features this bench has is that in front of the bench you have a dual functioning leg developer where you can do the exercise leg extensions. The back provides you with a squat rack and in front, you have an adjustable preacher curl pad to make your biceps pop up. In conclusion, this bench allows you to have a full body workout at the luxury of one gym equipment, it offers you a broad range of exercises that are vital to packing your body with muscles and it can withstand a weightload of 600lbs.

What To Look For Before Buying A Weight Bench

Finding the best adjustable weight bench is not an easy task, since there are a loot of things to look for before finding one that suits your needs.

Since you’re going to perform some of the greatest exercises on the bench you might as well invest in a bench that is going to provide you with enough stability and balance to execute the aforementioned exercises with great posture and great technique. The good thing about the bench is that it’s not limited to perform just those exercises I’ve listed above, with a bench you open yourself to a broad range of different exercises which you can perform there, you can choose a different angle and stance for any exercise that could be on your workout regime. The bench is one of the simplest gym equipment that is essential to every fitness program and it is one of the most effective methods you can use to accomplish a great workout.

But just like with any gym equipment, with this one too you need to take into consideration some important factors that are going to help you make a more informed decision. Although it can be tough to pick just one or figure out which one will suit you best, I’ve taken my time to list some of the best workout benches you can find. I’ve listed some benches that are equipped with some simplistic features and some that highlight more advanced features. You will find on this list some affordable benches such as Body Solid Powerline that offer great stability and balance and some others that provide you with more advantages or have additional premium features such as the Ironmaster Superbench that can be hardly found on a basic bench.

There are countless benefits of using a weight bench but im going to list few that truly make the bench one of the most essential equipment to have.

  • The weight bench provides you with back support, great comfort and safety during your workout. It is one of the greatest weight training equipment because it allows you to maintain a great posture and greatly helps to correctly execute the technique of the exercise. Although the bench is mainly for upper body workouts some benches come with additional features that are going to help you do leg extensions and leg curls. So, if you’re looking to add a great amount of strength to your upper body consider buying a weight bench.
  • It improves your flexibility to a great extent. Most of the weight benches come with 3 adjustable angles, the natural being flat and you can adjust it by declining the bench or inclining it, by doing so you get the advantage of working your muscles out from different angles and that can add a touch of versatile exercises to your workout.

There are many more vital benefits weight benches provide you with that are simply not going to make it on this review.

There are some essential factors that need to be taken under consideration before buying a bench, the building quality of the bench and how it is constructed, the upholstery quality since you’re going to literally rely on it to hold some heavy dumbells or barbell which you are going to hold in your hands and lie on it to execute the exercises you want. You need to take into account the weight the bench can withstand and calculate it to match your weight.

You need a solid bench which is going to withstand a great amount of weight and it is not going to move back and forth when you are working out.

I believe that by now you might be eager to find the right bench for you, and that is very understandable since you want to get yourself everything you may need to become the best version of yourself. I have come up with a list that is definitely going to help you narrow down your options to the ideal bench for your workout regime.


To summarize this whole list, I’m sure that you are now equipped with some knowledge on which bench to choose since most of these benches I’ve listed here are mostly affordable, you’ll have no problem adjusting your budget or break the bank to get one. Analyze which bench suits your demands the most and decide accordingly which one to buy. Whichever bench you decide to pick from the list I’ve presented you with above is going to make a great addition to your home gym. Most of them are very compact and offer great stability some of them are quite large but can withstand more weight load than others. I’m sure that you’re going to find on this list your next bench on which you’re going to improve your overall fitness and build the body of your dreams. Good luck with your pick and always walk in your workouts with the mentality of a beast, BEAST MODE ON.