We’ve all heard the saying. “no pain, no gain”, but I’m sure you have asked just like I did, “why does there have to be pain?”. Often we head into our local gym and hook up with a trainer that puts us on a StairMaster, shows us around the weights and other machines, set us on a program, then leaves us to get it done. But if you don’t stay with that trainer you may have changing needs during your progress that aren’t addressed because you don’t have the expertise to know when changes are necessary. Therefore, you may end up working twice as hard as you really need to without the results that you’re looking for. So the smart way to do it is to stay with a personal trainer until you have a solid grasp of how to accomplish your goals. Or you can learn on your own how to adapt to the changes and I’m here to help!

One thing i want you to know is that you don’t need all those expensive gym equipment to reach your fitness goals. All you need is a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a weight bench.

While it is true that any exercise is good for you, there are lots of ways to make sure that you’re not wasting your effort! I firmly believe that if you are new to exercise, or are trying a new form of exercise, then get with an expert in the beginning. This will save you from injury and wasted effort. What I did when I found myself needing more expertise was to become a personal trainer myself. So always check with an expert first!

When you connect with your trainer make sure that you describe exactly what your goals are. If you are short on funds then there options for you that can give you the training time that you need at a lower cost. I will describe those near the end. The type of exercise that you do will determine your results as much as the amount that you do. My belief is that it is threefold; Exercise + Nutrition + Support = Fitness Success! So you want to talk to your expert about how to get all three in place for you before you get started. This will ensure that you are not wasting time or effort, and heading toward your goals!

So if your goal is to get bigger, add more muscle definition, your program will be different from somebody wanting to be leaner and lengthen their muscles. The intensity of your transformation will determine how much help you need. If you’re looking to lose weight and increase fitness only, then you may need less help after a few visits with a trainer than somebody looking to reshape their body entirely. Don’t be afraid to go after your fitness dreams! They are always achievable!

Once long ago, before I had any knowledge or expertise I believed that the, “no pain, no gain”, rule was the truth. And although fitness training can involve some pain, I think I took it to an extreme level. I remember being on the elliptical machine and saying to myself in my head over and over, “skinny, skinny, skinny”. I was so focused on skinny that I forgot to take care. I blew off the trainers that tried to help me and just kept going. I would make my rounds on the weights but the cardio was all I cared about. It wasn’t long before I started to experience flu-like symptoms daily. That was when I sought a trainer and he explained to me the dangers of overtraining. It never occurred to me that there was such a thing as too much exercise. If I hadn’t gone to that trainer for help then I would’ve ended up much worse I’m sure of it!

So what is the moral of the story? Swallow your pride or awkwardness or fear and get help! Obesity is a crisis in the U.S. and we all need to do our part to end this epidemic! Trainers are your friend, and they want to see you succeed! I promised to give you some resources and here goes. If you’re shy or short on funds, look into group fitness. As with everything else, it’s caper by the dozen! So try out a few, find the one you like, and sign up! Whether it’s Zumba or outdoor Boot camp or Marathon training, there is a fitness activity for everyone and in everyone’s budget! Marathon groups are usually free and can be found on Meetup.com. Fit clubs are also free and can be there as well. Zumba is everywhere these days and you can usually get a low-cost membership at a fitness facility that has those classes!

If you’re a veteran to fitness or have more specific goals then get a trainer! Most offered free consultation and you can use those to find the right trainer for you. Most fitness facilities also have trainers in staff. So if you’re not sure where to start then head over to your local gym! And if you want to work out at home then you can do that too! There are tons of videos and trainers now that offer online consultations or easy to follow step by step videos and instructions. You can get a real workout, at home, with little to no equipment to buy! I will list some info for that at the bottom!

Whatever your goals are, I’m glad you’re thinking about it! Now it’s time to take action! I hope I’ve given you some useful information and tips to get you started! So do it! Get started now!


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